MBI’s 7 smart moves to adapt to home office under a time of Crisis and Uncertainty


How to adapt and work from home under a time of Crisis and Uncertainty:


This striking is of the creative kind, not an advantageous one in the sense of seeking only self benefit. Just like the Blacksmith who gives shape to the horseshoe when the metal is hot and dangerous, his artisanship and ability to stay under control determine his precision in giving shape to something useful. Here we give you MBI’s 7 tips for remaining an artisan in the face of adversity and an age of psychological speculation and distress:

  1. Avoid misleading images by the torrents of hoaxing media and fake news; this will flood your mind with misinformation, preventing a harmonious work environment at home, of which you will be the primary source of negativity.
  2. Continue being the creative visionary. This creativity in a time like this will come through being of service and adapting your services the best way possible to the current crisis, not only with your customers, but also with friends and family.
  3. Be a Team Player. Do not work solo. Connect through (free) online collaboration tools and schedule virtual working sessions. You don’t even have to interact, just mute the mic, and let the silent company of your colleagues make you feel more focused and productive. Because even if you are confined to your home, teamwork and virtual company is of the essence in your contribution to the efforts of minimizing economic impacts.
  4. Take advantage of all technologies in favor of upholding your responsibilities with the same efficiency and effectiveness as you would in your usual work environment. This is a great opportunity where you can validate your resourcefulness before your clients, build trust and let them know that even under the worst-case scenarios you get the job done!
  5. An Artisan involves his higher faculties into his work. Not only does his work represent his handiwork, but his spirit, mental fortitude and dedication. He has to bring the food home to his family. You are an artisan with the added advantage of having your family close during tough times. Let them serve you as greater encouragement. Let your work, done with passion, be a disruptive signifier of your commitment to your tasks.
  6. Work in laser beams spans of high productivity. Relax in between. Working at home can either drag you to work with no rest in some improvised room as an office, or just wander around the multiple domestic distractions. Program yourself to be isolated from distractors for short periods of time (30 to 50 min), then give yourself a rest, play with the kids, do the laundry, make that phone call… and return to another highly-effective working period.
  7. Finally yet importantly, respect your schedules; be keen on using the spaces of your home efficiently, by performing basic activities like eating at your dining room instead of at your work-desk. Avoid working from bed, it is not a natural posture for such task and will see you prone to non-productive activities, trumping in this manner, highly effective working periods.

               “During times of hardship, bonds are strengthened.”

Alberto Monroy

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