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MBI TOP Executives, an MBI Talent Group company, has created the most dynamic top executive search solution, using innovation and sophisticated tools.

After decades of experience, we know that it is necessary to avoid obsolete services and processes in order to run a dynamic operation.

Designed fast executive search

MBI TOP Executives services are designed for fast-growing dynamic companies which need a tailor-made solution for their highly ambitious C-Level talent attraction strategies.

The obsolete executive search process is problematic.

Designed fast executive search

Conventional executive search firms are still generating problems in the industry that slow down the pace of fast-growing organizations:

Expensive professional fees.
Conventional firms are still charging over 33% of a candidate’s annual salary or on-target-earnings, including expensive additional benefits on their fee calculation criteria, charging unaffordable professional fees.

Long time-to-fill periods.
More than three months is a long period for a critical, strategic role. Traditional executive search processes tend to take six months on average. Running an operation without a strategic executive for six or more months for a fast-growing organization can feel like an eternity.

Small candidate pool.
Old firms tend to consider the same candidates from their outdated databases.

No international reach.
Only domestic candidates are considered. These firms may have international restrictions that do not allow them to consider candidates located abroad. This loses the possibility of repatriating top talented executives to their countries of origin or expatriating the best candidates available in a global market.

MBI TOP Executives have created the solution to all those problems:

Inexpensive and fair professional fees AND shorter time-to-fill periods

Shorter recruitment processes reduce the allocation of experienced consultants; as a consequence, the fixed cost of a professional service is cut proportionally. This maintains excellent quality, customer service and satisfaction.

Databases have become obsolete

In the past, the use of a database for an executive search process was considered an advantage. Nowadays, we are certain that every single C-Level recruitment process is unique, and thus, a new search strategy needs to be created when launching each assignment. Considering the same candidates for differing search processes is no longer an efficient process. This is why a database not only becomes out of date quickly, but it has also become an obsolete recruitment tool.

Global executive search

For global companies, the market is the entire globe. MBI TOP Executives is composed of international consultants who are located in a variety of regions across the world. This allows our solutions to have a reach with no boundaries. We can find and attract the best talent in the global market.

Extended guarantees, successful placements

Decades of experience recruiting successful candidates have given us the confidence to extend the guarantees in order to have one of the most competitive replacement clauses in the executive search industry. Even though 12 months might be enough for a proper return on investment, our guarantees will cover the first 24 months of your executive’s tenure to ensure success.

State-of-the-art technology for tracking and evaluating candidates

You will be able to monitor the evolution of every search project through our cloud platform from anywhere in the world, receiving notifications and candidate executive reports, and moving them forward through a workflow until we have completed the search successfully. On top of that, we utilize Hirint, a tech platform that assesses and ranks candidates using intelligent tests combining organizational psychology and big data.

MBI Onboarding

Strategic onboarding coaching sessions with a 100-day plan for the new executive. With our specialized consultants, we will help the hired executive to reduce their initial adaptation and learning curve by reviewing core elements of the onboarding process to the company, and by designing a game plan inspired in the research by the leadership transition expert Michael D. Watkins.

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